Nonwoven and Technical Textiles are the “NEXT-GEN PRODUCT”. The worldwide nonwoven industry has grown steadily at about 7.5% per annum in tonnage in the last decade. A significant portion of worldwide nonwoven expansion is due to the rising demand for these materials in the emerging economies. India and China are the key players contributing to this growth.

India’s nonwoven market is growing at a rate of 8-10% & going into the future this market is expected to grow at a rate of 12-15%. Government of India emphasised the promotion of the textile industry, especially by paying attention to the innumerable use of nonwovens in various sectors. Non-wovens and technical textiles have been considered to be the most promising and dynamic segment of the textile industry.

Indian Nonwovens industry is competent but limited by old technology and second hand machines. To have sustainable growth in view of rising demand of quality products, India need to invest in latest technology machines and hence Eastern has introduced Graute, the German manufacturer of machines for the non-woven industry for more than 20 years to the market. The company provides complete solution for Non-woven web formation right from fibre opening, blending, carding, air lay production lines and web forming along with recycling line. They are also specially designing the machines to customer specifications suitable for individual applications, as well as reconstructions and modernizations of existing production lines.

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