Ferrari Industriali Ventilatori / Ferrari Eastern Fans India P.Limited

We are privileged to have a JV for Industrial Fans in Bengaluru to produce industrial fans. In collaboration with Ferrari Ventilatori of Italy, who are one of the few fan producers to get certified by all the major accreditation agencies like AMCA / ISO / GOST / BV / UL / TUML / BSI /ASME & ECOTOP. The high efficiency axial, centrifugal and plug fans find a variety of applications across various industries.

The company in Bengaluru, Ferrari Eastern Fans India Private Limited ( ; FEFI) offers fans for many segments including glass, paper, cement, textile air engineering etc. with a wide product range, particularly for high pressure fans where pneumatic transportation is involved. Ferrari has become a reference brand for industrial fans, as they produce fans upto 45,000 Pa, which flow upto 200 m3/sec . Know More